Special Offer 1 - Whole of school approach - Site Licence

The Workplace Literacy materials are designed to be used across a number of subject/industry areas. Edserve has provided a special offer of purchasing a site licence for a number of resources  - choose three activities books; three student workbooks, the Teacher's Handbook; Additional Activities CD and make as many copies for the school as necessary for 2 years. If different departments are to contribute to the cost, consider the following:

English Communication teachers might use the Communication Rules! materials

Career Educators might use the Jobs materials

Hospitality, Tourism and Retail teachers might use the Are you Being Served? materials, although all resources could also be used by English Communication teachers as the focus is communication with the contexts to add interest.

Business teachers might use Business.

Special Offer 2 - Class sets

See the prices section for detail of the starter kit for Workplace Literacy.

Special Offer3 - Book sellers

Edserve will negotiate special rates with book-sellers.